Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New in 2007

Well that is another Christmas and New Year over and everybody here survived as well as could be expected. We all saw in the New Year at Charmaines and then crossed the street to Sandra & Jackies for their almost legendary Hogmanay party which coincides with Jackies birthday.
The Singstar marathon was eventually ended at about 4.30am and everybody went off to bed happy.
Heather is currently suffering from the virus that is laying so many people out and Max has some sort of stomach bug.

This year should be a good one starting with our three week trip to Barbados to visit our very good friends the Cummins. Max is really looking forward to seeing John again, it will have been almost 10 months since they were waved off at Edinburgh.

Any ideas what to do in Barbados for three weeks other than get a tan?


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