Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cthulhu goes to Brugge

Just back from a short stay in the beautiful Belgian city of Bruge(Brugges).
The place is fantastic, a jewel of medieval architecture. Imagine any old vampire movie and you are in Bruge. We booked the holiday through Osprey Holidays and spent two nights on the ferry from Rosyth and three nights at The Hotel Jacobs. The ferry was really good with meals included in the package, the beer was cheap although the onboard entertainment was a bit Karen Dunbar club singer. The Hotel was nice, clean and comfy, and the buffet breakfast was really nice. The only thing that bugged me was the pillows seemed to be filled with marshmallow. Bruge itself is really nice and you felt very safe which is getting harder to do in British cities. We didn't see any of the usual stuff you get in cities over here like drunks and beggars. I would thoroughly recommend Der Schippel Bistro in Van Eyck square as an eatery and you should avoid the Itallian next to Pain E France, no starters and charged for sharing a pizza. The Narai Thai in Smeedenstratt is realy good as well.
I will definately go back and soon.

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Anonymous said...

Well Said Judith Chalmers!